Sarnia Airport looking for support, Aug. 12-14

From Mark Seibutis, COPA Flight 7, July 20. Greetings Gentlemen:

Can you please share this info with your members. If I have sent this previously , I apologize . After paying to have a master plan done , our council in all its wisdom decided to shelve the plan and stop all capital work for 2023, 2024, 2025. No new revenue streams to be taken on and yet they will pay the operator for three years to look for an airline. We need your help to once again show the value of GA and our airport for moving people in and out of Sarnia. This years municipal election makes it that much more important. We have three councillors and the mayor supporting the airport (so far) and a number who don’t and are campaigning on it. We also have new incumbents to convince. So once again we are asking for you to put the word out for us and to come support us if you can. If we can get pictures of pilots camping under the wing or in the camp area that would be fantastic as well. If you wish to stay in a hotel , we have preferred rates at the Days Inn at the harbor and we have shuttles to move you to and from. For those who stay on field there are washrooms and a shower available. There will be events on Friday night and Saturday that are just for visiting pilots and passengers who stay with us. There will also be some other give-aways just for them.

Sarnia Aug. 12

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