First Fly the Dream winner is On Top

April 30, 2021

A former Scholarship Committee member, John Beimers found out that Emily Dennis would be at Gore Bay, his home airport. Since he have not had a chance to meet her before, he took the opportunity to visit and snap the picture below.  He was most impressed by her accomplishments as a commercial pilot.

She flies for Airborne Sensing and here is the story in her own words.

I currently still work for the Airborne Sensing Corporation. We fly single pilot operations on Piper Navajos and Aztecs with a camera navigator to operate the cameras. When I met up with John we were working on quite a big project and Gore Bay is a great location to work out of for it. We are still currently working on that project, as well as many other small ones. Airborne Sensing and aerial survey in general is a great way to experience a lot of diverse flying. In the summer we do a lot of work in Canada from the east coast to the west and in the winter (usually) we fly somewhere down south to work when there’s not a global pandemic happening. Last year I was in the Bahamas and it was one of the coolest experiences of my life flying over so many different islands. Most of our flying is day time VFR, however we do a lot of IFR ferries and that has really allowed me to gain valuable experience. I’m actually the most senior pilot at Airborne. I was offered Chief Pilot a while back, however that wasn’t my goal at that time and I had other aspirations. Before COVID hit I was in the hiring process for Jazz, but then obviously the pandemic put an end to that. Hopefully once the industry starts picking back up again I can move forward with my career, but for now I really enjoy my workplace. We have a wide variety of experience and no matter the seniority, I learn from every one of my colleagues.

I hope you and everyone at COPA 177 are doing well!

Stay safe and have a great day,

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