October 2023 Meeting & Chili Night

When: October 10, 2023, 18:00
Where: Sexsmith International Airport, CSX7, 39723 MacDonald Rd, Exeter
What: Bring your favourite chili pot to share with the group. It's not a contest - but comparisions will be made! The usual short business meeting will be followed by folks sharing how they use modern tech in their flying adventures - software, hardware and gadgets.
Additional Notes: Give some thought on what you would like to share about technology.
Follow-up / Results: About 9 chefs brought some wonderful chili pots, but the winner was Sarah Rooseboom. Wish I could have tried them all. We broke into groups to discuss our latest flying technology. Beyond what's on the panel it is also about smart phones, tablets and apps which evolve daily. Who would have thought that we could have gone from "What do I need email for?" to today's immersive digital world in such a short time period?

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