Regular Meeting, August 2022

When: Tuesday, August 9, 2022, 18:00.
Where: Sexsmith International Airport, CSX7, 39723 MacDonald Rd, Exeter
What: BBQ at 18:00 followed by a short business meeting at 19:00. Director, Matt Keast who volunteers at the Waterloo Warbirds, and will talk about the organization.
Additional Notes: Peak summer - enjoy!

Waterloo Warbirds
Follow-up / Results: Some highlights of the meeting:
  • 26 members and friends in attendance
  • Matt Keast informed us about the Waterloo War Birds organization and his involvement with them.
  • It was agreed that we would look at hosting another Discover Aviation event next year.
  • A reminder that we will be offering our Fly the Dream Scholarship again this year.
  • Check out the upcoming plans for the September and October meetings.
  • New members are joining and ratings upgrades are happening. Member Summer Papple is training for the right seat in a 737!
  • Thanks as always to the chefs.

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