Regular Meeting, July 12, 2022

When: July 12, 2022, 18:00
Where: Sexsmith International Airport, CSX7, 39723 MacDonald Rd, Exeter
What: The first BBQ of the season followed by an important meeting. (May or may not have a guest speaker - tbd.)
Additional Notes: Executive elections are on the agenda.
Follow-up / Results: The meeting was eventful. Most importantly folks were up flying and trying to perfect their landings. The rating committee (i.e. Will) seemed to have a bias toward toward a certain female C140 pilot. Critiquing the techniques more than compensated for the absence of a guest speaker.

Thanks to Mark and Will for the BBQ - very well received.

Rob talked about a family of 5 who are flying around the world to raise money for the SOS Children's Village. COPA 177 committed to a donation of $300, with the hope that the family, who are now in Ontario, may stop at Sexsmith.

Here are you new executive members:
  • Ash, Michael
  • Essery, Rob
  • Friesen, Nick
  • Hartai, Tom
  • Hodgins, Paul
  • Keast, Matthew
  • Van Herk, Mark

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